Register @

  • Enter your user information
  • Agree to the terms – there will be a pop up to read
  • Digitally sign Legal stuff our lawyers made us do it
  • Use the slider on the left to read to the bottom of the terms
  • Click on the terms box on the bottom left
  • Make sure your name is correct in the box Click I Agree
  • Then the sign-up button
  • You will then an authentication email to make sure your email belongs to you.
  • Check your mail
  • Click on the link in the email Verify Now and it will bring you to a screen for the next steps

Setup Wizard

  • Follow the Steps
  • Enter your personal info
  • This will all make sense in the app and will help set things up right from the start
  • Tell us about who you look after – who is the loved one you want help looking after.
  • Tell us how you are related to the loved one or if is for yourself select MySelf

Yup, you can skip the rest but why not add more info now.

  • Who is helping you look after your loved one? These will become part of your circle of care team.

  • Add your doctors who deal with your loved one.
  • If you don’t know the info you can skip and add later
  • You have the option to Add medication info now or later


Now you are in the system explore, add your data at your leisure and invite whom you like to work with you taking care of your loved ones. If you get stuck don’t panic send email to with a description of the problem and will get back to you as soon as we can.

System Dashboard

  • You are on the dashboard  and the help steps that show you the big stuff
  • There is a quick screen tutorial to show you how things work and where they are.
  • More button has a link to FAQ and system help.


LifeCare Portal was built after 10 years of first-hand experience being a caregiver for my mother. I could not find a system that would help me manage the care of my loved one. So we bring you LifeCare Portal to help you and it is Free for you and your family to use. This is our first release so please provide feedback at and tell your friends and family who may need a system for their loved ones about us.